Some trickery questions by VO and your answer might be as follows

(((Some trickery questions by VO and your answer might be as follows. You can change your answer based on a situation. Be smart and confident even though every word is not true. )))

Who is going to sponsor you? 
The University is going to pay my 80% of my all tuition and living cost with 28495 $ and rest of the little portion that is 6000 $ which will be paid by my father easily with his 13 lac taka or USD $16,535 which is solely only for higher study.

What does your father do? / How he or she will manage your educational expenses?

Answer 1:

1. My father has three income sources local business, job, farm land & tree garden. (From job has ____USD, from his 156 decimal farmland tree garden his income is ____USD and from his local retail business ___Name of business__ yearly income is USD___.(split it if VO asks details otherwise, do not).
His yearly income in altogether is approximately BDT 16, 00,000 which is equivalent to USD 20351.

If any case yours sponsor does not have a job or current income, or suddenly your sponsor manage money from other relatives then you can answer:

  1. He/she would like to invest earning in local business and buying land rather than Fixed deposit. He has sold a portion of land and withdrawn a local investment. All these money currently he has deposited for my higher study.

If your sponsor has fixed deposit:

  1. My mother always highly appreciates my higher study. As a result, she wants to secure my higher study by keeping the money as a fixed deposit which is only for pursuing my higher study.


Why MS again? (You already have MS)

Answer: The MS that I have completed in my country is a general or not so much research oriented and one year course. I am not specialized in any specifically concentrated subject. So, I want to do MS in a specific concentrated subject and Here in, I can pursue MS which will be concentrated with medicinal chemistry and drug discovery/ Neuropharmacology (You can say anything related, VO will not check it or does not enough knowledge about the specific subject ). And that will help me for further advance research such as Ph.D. or future research.


Why this university but not other universities around the world?

Answer: Primarily I have sent emails to number of professors surrounding the world such as UK USA Canada ( Remember some Universities name and details) but among them the professor_(Accepted University Professor’s name)__ from this university highly appreciate me to apply and also he or she allows me to do research under his/her supervision. So I applied and got the scholarship from here. However, I also applied ___,___,___….Universities.


Would you please explain how did you manage this?

Answer: At first, I searched for universities according to my profile. Then I contacted with the professor according to my research interest. Professor assures me RA but in the meantime, admission committee took a Skype interview and after applying he offered me the fund.


What will you do after completing MS?

Answer: Sir, my country exports medicines to more than 80 countries. So, I have very fantastic opportunity to build my career in Pharmaceutical Industry. So, Sir, I will come back my country and want to join again in pharmaceutical company.


What are you doing now?

Answer: If you are unemployed then tell that you are doing research in ___university to prepare yourself for future advanced research.


Best of Luck

Sumon Sikder Arif

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