Total expenditure if you wanna to go USA for pursuing MS/PhD with full funding from Bangladesh

1. GRE- $195/15210 taka

2.TOEFL-$160/12480 taka
Or, IELTS- 15800 taka

3.If you apply in 8 Universities total cost will be average 8*10000=80000 taka

4.SEVIS fee+ VISA fee-30000 taka

5. Air fare- 90,000 taka to 1,50,000 depending on distance , airlines and class of ticket(eg Economy/Business etc)

6. Shopping 10,000 taka to 1,00,000 and it always depend on persons.

7. Every body should carry $1500/120000 to $3500/2,90,000 taka for laptop/ mobile/house rent/miscellaneous things. It also depends on person and the state you are moving to .
If you take GRE and TOEFL many times you will need more.

Reference : facebook

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