Real life Visa Interview Experience-2013

Real life visa interiview experiecne 2013

Interview Date : 14/10/13
Time : 10.45 am

Interview hoise matro 2 minutes. ami dhukei amon boro akta hashi marsi je bechara VO o haisha dise.. lol. 
My detailed interview :

VO: Window number 7, Window number 7.
(I entered with a HUGE smile and said "Gooooood Morning Sir!! How are you doing today !!!")
VO: Hey !! I'm fine ! How are you?
ME: Yeah, I'm doing great !
VO: So, your documents please?
ME: Sure.
(I gave him my passport, I 20, offer letter, credit transfer transcript)
VO: Ohh, University of Michigan !! That's a great school ! So, who's gonna pay for your studies?
ME: Well, my parents of course, to be specific, my mom. She is a celebrity singer in Bangladesh with a lucrative career of 25 years.
VO: Oww, wow ! So, what's her name and what does she sing?
ME: (Told my mom's name and genre and then also told about my dad though he didn't ask) - and yes, my dad is a govt official. He's a Deputy Secretary to the govt of the people's republic of Bangladesh. He's currently the national project director of the Comprehensive Village Development Project under the ministry of local govt. He is an Ex Deputy Commissioner of Chittagong (I tried to get my dad's visiting cards and my parent's CV's as proof but he refused to see them and said it's okay, you don't need to show anything. Keep it.).. Then ..

VO: Okay.. So, can I see your bank statements so that I may know where's all the money coming from?
ME: Of course sir ! 

Then gave him the bank statements worth 55,000$ along with user ledger as a proof that the fund has been there for more than 6 months. While he was taking a good look I offered him police clearance certificates as a proof of no criminal history whatsoever but again he refused to see it and told me "Well, it's okay, you don't need to show it. I can understand that you are a nice young guy with no criminal records"

ME: Okay !

VO: So, Tamim.. you want a good news or a bad news?

ME (with a big laugh) : Of course a good news sir !!

VO: Well, I'm approving your visa, collect your passport from saimon center this 19th.

ME: OHHH!! Thank you so much sir ! I really mean it !

VO: Congratulations and study hard buddy !

ME: Thank you so much and yes I will !

(the VO mistakenly returned my passport and I asked him about it. Then he took my passport back and gave a big smile).

And I came out with a confidence higher then ever !

Md Sharif Sazzadur Rahaman,
Interview Date: August 25, 2013
Time: 02:30 PM
Me: Good afternoon Sir
VO: Good afternood
Me: How are you?
VO: Fine. Your document please
Me: (I  Handover Passport, I-20, VISA application confirmation page to him).
VO: Why you want to go to USA?
Me: To purse MSc in .........
VO: Where did you complete your bachelor degree?
Me: (told my University name)
VO: Who will fund you?
Me: The university and myself
VO: Congratulation!! Your visa is approved. Please collect you visa from Saimon center on .......
Me: Thank you very much.
That's all. 
মেরিনা জাহান মেবিন,
Monday April 29th, 2013
I have faced my Visa interview today.
I am sharing my experience here:
(VO called me,I entered and exchanged greetings)
VO : may i see your I-20 please (first question)
Me:(handed I-20)VO: Oh,you are fully funded!!
Me : (nodded with a smile...:P)
VO: Why did you choose ..(uni name)?
Me : I have been accepted there with full funding.
VO : Oh,I see,they are giving you the highest amount of money.
Me :(silent)VO : What was your undergrad school?
Me :(told the name)
VO : Oh,I see!!(Then she typed something)VO:Congratulations!!Your visa is approved.Collect your passport on ... from door no#2.
Me : Thank u mam (with a broad smile and sigh of relief...:D)
So,don't panic about visa interview,take it easy and everything will go smooth.Just one thing to mention,the DS-160 form for female F1 applicants is different to a significant extent than males.For female applicants,there is no option available for showing previous educational background and training experience.I was driving mad that I filled my DS-160 in a wrong way ,as I did not know the fact.
Mahmudul Hasan Razib Interview
Date: June 20, 2013 
By: Mahmudul Hasan Razib (
Status: Administrative processing . I received my visa after 46 days.I faced my Visa Interview on June 20, 2012 . My I-20 didn’t show any funding. Anyway, my adviser sent me a “Financial Assistance Letter” to show the counselor officer that I will be supported by university through Teaching Assistant-ship. I'm trying to cover most of the question but I've forgot some of them. I think it was a long interview.
Me: Good Afternoon.VO: Not replied (looking DS 160). Asked my name.
Me: Md Mahmudul HasanVO: Typing something and looked at me with her crooked eyes. Which university are you going to?Me: told her.VO: Why this University?I did not understand. She repeated.Me: Good funding, economical and good research opportunity.VO: Can I see ur I-20?Me: I gave her.VO: Your I-20 does not show any funding.Me: All Graduate student of department of biology receive TA that covers their tuition & living expense.VO: Please give me your offer letter.Me : I gave her “financial assistance letter” issued by the Professor.VO: Read carefully and looked a little ambiguous. Which subject are you attending?Me: MS in Biotechnology.VO: Which university have you come from?Me: Khulna UniversityVO: Khulna University. Which degree have you completed?Me: Bachelor of ScienceVO: Bachelor degree. Did you select any other University?Me: Yes. Louisiana State University.VO: Do you have any evidence? Me: No. I cancelled their offer and chose other option.VO: Do you know any professor of your attending university?Me: I told her name of two professors.VO: I approved your visa … but system says you have to need some administrative processing?Me: I astonished and standing.VO told me, "Your interview has finished, please wait at the waiting room." I went to the waiting room and waited for 45 minutes. We were 7 guys and most of the names began with Md or Mohammud . A women called  us and said it's normal process. Gave a PIN number and told us about further processing.Result : Administrative processing . I received my visa just before 10 days of class starting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fatema Wahida Interview Date: May 02, 2013.Door 7:VO: I-20 please.Me: here.VO:  What is your PhD in?Me: PhD in Chemistry :)VO: Which chemistry?Me: Materials Chemistry.VO: So, you're going to become a Materials Engineer?Me: No, I will work mainly on the synthesis of nanomaterials :)VO: Oh, good. Which is your undergraduate school?Me: I have graduated from the Dept of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, University of Dhaka.VO: Okay, Collect your visa Me: Thank you :)VO: Good luck :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Moinul Hossain RifatInterview Date: May 05, 2013.Door:04VO: SO you are going to study computer science and engineering?ME: yesVO: So who is going to pay or you?ME: The UniversityVO: O really? Can I see your I-20 please?(I gave the I-20)VO: O, you are going for a doctorate !(then he writes down something in keyboard)VO: Ok your visa is approved but we need some administrative processing(he gives me a paper containing the link for checking status and keeps the passport)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Misir Ali  Interview Date: 07 May, 2013.Visa Interview ExperienceDate: 07 May 2013    Door No: 4VO: Your I 20 pleaseMe: Gave smilinglyVO: Wow!! (looking at the I-20)Me: (Waiting)VO: Collect your visa on 9 MayMe: Mam, you relieved from a huge pressure*.VO: Oh Thank you. [Smile all around] *huge pressure= প্রচন্ড চাপ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- King Shuk Interview Date: 07 May, 2013.Visa Interview ExperienceDate: 07 May 2013       Time: 10:00 - 10:30 am        Door No: 4VO: Pass me your I-20Me: I didVO: Thank you. Then She typed something...VO: So what does your uncle do?Me: (I told)VO: So He lives in New York?Me: Yes, Ma'amVO: Collect your Visa on 9th MayMe: Thank you very much Ma'amVO: Welcome (smiling). Then I thought, Damn! Misir Ali left his bag here :)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Zahir Sohag Interview Date: 05 May, 2013Visa interview experience:Date:05 May 2013.   Window: 04My VO was a female and she was really nice.VO: Show me your I-20 please.Myself: I did.VO: Oh great( with a smile). Then she was typing something on the computer for a while. After that she put a seal on my DS-160 Confirmation with a date of Passport collection (9th may). Then she told me, আপনার ভিসা হবে (বাংলায়, with a sweet smile). Congratulations!!!!Myself: Thanks a lot.আমেরিকান ভিসা অফিসারের মুখে স্পষ্ট বাংলা শুইনা আমি তো পুরাই টাস্কি খাইয়া গেলাম। :P :P :P Best of luck to all those people who is going to face Visa soon.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upoma Mazumder Interview Date: 07 May, 2013.Visa Interview Experience   Date:07 May 2013  Door No:10VO: Show me your I 20 pleaseMe: Here it isVO: Have you completed your Bachelors?Me: YesVO: From where?Me: University of Dhaka in the department of Applied Chemistry & Chemical EngineeringVO: Ok. Collect your Visa on the following date. (VO was female with no smiling face)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tanmoy Abchaya Interview Date: 07 May, 2013.Visa Interview Experience: 07 May 2013 Time: 1:00 - 1:30 pm Door No: 4VO: Can you show me your I-20?Me: Yeah, sureVO: then She typed something...[30 seconds] ...Welcome to USA. Collect your Visa on 9th MayMe:Thanks----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Md Shahriar Shamim Pappu(7th May,10:00-10:30am, Door 8)  Today along with my wife, I have faced my visa interview.   Me: HelloV.O: are you?Me: Fine. Thank youV.O: Why do you want to go to US?Me: to do my PhD.V.O: Nice. Can I see your I20’s (seeing to both I20’s)V.O: Nice, You have got full funding Me: (smiling) (Typing something on the computer)V.O: Are you currently working on any company?Me: Yes, I work for Samsung Research Institute Bangladesh.V.O: Nice, Now I have to ask you some questions about your marriage.Me: Of-courseV.O: Was it affair or arrange marriage?Me: Affair V.O: oww…can I see some pictures of your marriage?Me: sure.(handling some pictures)V.O: who is this in this? (pointing at one group photo)My wife: This is my fatherV.O: Ok..(Typing something on the computer)V.O: congratulations..Your visa has been granted..Please collect your visa on 13th May.Me: ThanksV.O: you are welcome…work harder for improving our computer system in US (smilingly)Me: of-courseV.O: and congratulations again for your scholarshipMe: Thanks----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shammunul IslamAlhamdulillah! Finally, got my visa. Below is my conversation with Visa Officer (VO)VO: your docs pleaseI handed those over.VO: For what visa you are applying?Me: J1VO: Which program you are going?Me: Master program in Climate and SocietyVO: Ohh! You are going to Columbia University! That's a great university! I was there too! (while looking at papers)Me: You are a Columbian!VO: Yeah! I studied there! (while talking she started to write down something)Me: Great!VO: So who is your sponsor?Me: Columbia UniversityVO: What were you doing before?Me: I worked as a statistician consulting for several international organizations, worked as a development researcher and at the same time I was also a columnist.VO: Sorry, what?Me: Columnist.VO: OK. So we are giving you visa. Please collect this on 17th July.VO: Congratulations! You are going to a great University.Me: Thanks!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Golam MohiuddinVisa Conversation: (on 17th July, 2013)Window-08VO: Hello, How r u?My Ans: I am good, How r u?VO: Please give me your passport and I 20 papersMy Ans: Here it is...checking my I-20...VO: So, u r going to Florida and u got the assistantships from the university! Nice!My Ans: Yes I am (with smiling :))after typing something...and giving a seal on my DS-160 confirmation page...VO: Please collect your visa from the Simon Overseas on this (23rd July) dateMy Ans: Okey, Thank you so much. (With a big smile :D :D)[Total Interview time: 1min 25 sec...the quickest one as I experienced on that day]----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ShagOr KhAn VO: hey how are you?Me: am fine sir. what about you?VO: rocking and thanks.VO: who is going to sponsor you?Me: told.VO: Whats your score in HSC?Me: told.VO: show me the marksheet plz.Me: showed.then he started typing sumthing and told me collect my passport with visa on 18th july from Saimon Centre----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Tahmid Fateen (July 5,2013)Below is the conversation between me and the Visa Officer.Visa Officer: Good Morning, so what are you doing at the moment?Me: Well sir, since I finished my IELTS in March, I have been looking for universities to apply to.VO: What is your IELTS score?Me: 8.VO: Congratulations.Me: Thank you.VO: So, how do you plan to pay for your study abroad?Me: Well, my father has made a couple of fixed deposits at the bank which should help me get through the period of study.VO: What does your father do?Me: He has a couple of businesses, a restaurant business and a real-estate consultancy and management business.VO: (The VO now starts typing, I can understand that he is typing in consultancy and management in real estate as he is enunciating it.) Then he looks back at me and saysCONGRATULATIONS, your visa has been approved, please collect it on the said date from SAIMON overseas. And he places the red seal on my confirmation letter.Me: Thank you very much.VO: You are welcome ar tumi ki roja rekhecho?Me: Ji, rekhechi.Got my visa approved to study Bachelors in electrical engineering with Computer option at Arkansas Tech University. Is anyone boarding a flight to Dallas from Dhaka on the 22nd on Emirates?
Ĩvän Ď ŔöċkërżVisa experience 20.06.2013 Door No:8My Name : Mohammad Shahadul Karim ( oneke bole namer jonno security cq day toile to amake sobar age deyar kotha :P :P :P)My HSC: 2011Going to : South Dakota State University,USASub: Bachelor In EconomicsVO(visa Officer) a female american angel :PEntered the room Me: Good Afternoon Mam!Vo: Documents plzMe: here it is Vo:who is ur sponsor?me: My fatherVo: what do ur father do?me:He is a businessman Vo: What business?Me: He has a ShopVo: Kisher shop? (Banglay)Me:ToldVo: where ?Me: Oman,UAEVo: how much money he earn?Me: Yearly $.........Vo: what is ur last degree?Me: HSCVo: When did u pass?Me: I passed in 2011Vo: what did u do last 2 yrs? work or study ?Me : I am a running student of Intnl. Islamic Univ,Chittagong Vo: why choose economics? (Eta amar South dakota Univ subject )Me: Economics has very much demand in bangladesh :PVo: Ur Yearly tuition fees??( Amr yearly tuition fee koto seta 2bar bolse but onno vabe bolse ami buji nai thn vo I-20 cq krse tuition fee dekhar jonno )Vo: Do u have any bro or sis?Me: toldVo: Do u have Ielts or toefl score??Me: yaa i have IeltsVo: Ok Then dhum dham koira red seal maira dilo r koilo "U should collect ur visa from saimon overseas on 27th June"[Engreji to ami 1tu kacha upor er likhate onek vul hoise ami jani but amr interview pattern ta amon chilo :P]
Abdullah Al Mamun (July 21,2013)Hey people! So here goes whatever happened inside the embassy...Seeing my referral letter a dude with a French cut told me to the wait at the newly opened waiting room... Took me to another waiting room (the previous one)... Went for the ten printing again... escorted me to the waiting room for the American citizens (I felt blessed!)Got called to Window #9...Me: Morning.VO: Hey. Give me your i20, confirmation and passport.Me: *Gives it*VO: So you are going to University of Rochester?Me: Yesss Sir!VO: You got a scholarship?Me: Yup!VO: Oh my freaking gosh!!! A full ride! (I didn't know till today that a visa officer speaks like this!)Me: Thanks!VO: So what do you wanna study there?Me: I'm gonna go for Physics and Astronomy.VO: Oh my freaking gosh!!! That's so smart boy! (Again!!!)ME: haha Thanks!VO: Your visa is confirmed. Go chill. Pick it up on the 27th from Saimon.Me: Thanks Sir. Have a nice day.VO: You too young man!Swaggers out of the window (politely though)! Chills as the VO said!
Shawtik Chandra Das (June 20,2013)Today 20th june, My visa interview was something like that :after entering into window# 8VO: Please give me your I-20 and DS-160 form.Me: give all the document.VO: Ahh, you have got full graduate assistantship.(something write in the computer)Me: yes madam.VO: What is your subject?Me: chemistry.VO: From which university you have completed your graduation?Me: University of Dhaka.VO: (something write) specifically in which section you want to research in Chemistry?Me: answer.VO: something write and in the mean time 2nd VO requested me to tell something about liquid phase.VO: smiling and answer to the 2nd VO "not at this time"VO: Have you got admission in another school?Me: yes madam(I donot know, how can they get this information)VO: something speak with 2nd VO. Okay collect your Visa on 27 june.Me: Madam is it 27? ( with great excitement)VO: it is 27 june not 27 july friend. (with smiling face)Me: Thanks to u madam. Million million Thanks to God and my family, friends and my well-wisher. Waiting so long and at last I got this----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tanjila Tabassum PrivaDate: 19 th June, 2013, time: 11:14 AMWindow-10Me: Hello ( saw the male VO)VO: Hello (said reluctantly, was eying my DS-160 and passport, took DS-160, passport and started typing something) so which school?Me: Lamar UniversityVO: where is that ?Me: its in TexasVO: which program?ME: MBA VO: I-20. ok, so how are you paying?Me: (gave I-20). I have scholarship, in-state tuition and the rest will be paid by my parents and uncle.VO: So, how are they paying?Me: My, mom's a housewife and my dad works in ******VO: how much does he earn?Me: is it okay, if i say the yearly income? VO: yeah. go on.Me: ******VO: So, what does your uncle do?Me: He is a businessman.VO: what business?Me: He is in garments business (immediately realized "apparel" would have been the better choice of word) VO: So, is he the owner?Me: yes, he is the director.VO: How much does he earn yearly?Me: Sorry, i have no idea. ( i was sure that he is not giving me the visa because I didn't give definite answer)VO: ok, so, how many people does he employ? The number of employees working for him?Me: well, he owns 5 factories and so I have no idea how many people is working for him. ( again, i could give an approximate but i thought truth would be best)VO: yearly income approximately? ME: **** lakhs per......VO: per year?????Me: NOOOO. No no. per month. (by this time, i was so hopeless, I was looking at his computer with frustration)VO: He typed something and suddenly he put a red seal.( I was sure that I got visa because I saw in this group that red seal is visa)VO: (trying to point me what's written within the seal) ME: ok. Thank you. ( actually i didn't hear everything he said after he put that seal, i was so surprised and overwhelmed, i heard 26 th June and saimon center)I got out of the room and realized, he didn't say "congratulations" or "welcome to US" or "Visa hoe gese" or didn't smile at all. I panicked. checked the red seal and saw those three words " Collect your visa" :D :D :D
Ashique Ahmed19 June:Entered the room in a hurry, because I left my bag in the finger-print room and there was no one left in queue except us. My wife entered the room no 5 first with papers and I followed her with the bag and VO was confused who was the main F1 applicant. And she was surprised that it was me. She smiled and said to my wife. " Do not do everything for these husbands, I used to do and they become lazy and dependent". We smiled in return. Then as follows:VO: So you are the applicant and these are the documents(I-20, DS-160 confirmations and SEVIS confirmation were already handed to her)Me: yesVO: Where are you going?Me: I said it.VO: For which program?Me: PhD-Engineering.VO: Which engineering?Me: Environmental engineering.VO: When you completed your BSc.Me: I said the month and year of result.VO: So why didn't they gave you full funding? (They gave me 80%) (I heard how instead of why, thank God my wife corrected me).Me: I told them that I can cover some of the expense.VO: Why did you said so, If you wouldn't, then they would have given you full funding.(I smiled in return).VO: (To my wife), so when did get married?W: said the date (10.01.2013)VO: No children yet?We smiled back and said no.VO: In villages, they have children by this time.VO: (to my wife) Then what will you do there?W: I will support him.VO: To boring, hah....(smiled). You will cook and do the house-works.Me: I am a good cook too.VO: That's good, (smiling) then she typed something.VO: collect your passport with VISA on 26 june from Saimon Center and (to my wife), do not do everything for him.We smiled and got out. After a minute, I entered the room again. Guess why? To take the bag that I again forgot in the floor. VO was talking to another applicant and gave a look at me saying(you will be lost without your wife).
Niloy Saha18th June,2013..................Window # 8 ( why its called window i dont know coz i entered by door . Also i noticed that there is absent of #6 )I entered into the room and gave my I-20 , Passport & DS-160. vo: ok you are for doctorate program but no fundingme: yes mam. I have to pay myself for one semester. After that i will get .Vo: full funding?me: They did not say about that.vo: in which stream me: Civil engineeringvo: So who is going to finance you? me: My parentsvo: what do they do?me: My father is a retired govt officer & mother is in service nowvo: where did your work?me: Bangladesh Telegraph & Telephone boardvo: but his income is low . so how will you bear your expense ?me: we have some fixed deposite, bank balance, land properties & apartment.vo: r u going to sell your land?Me : no mamvo: then how its possible as his low income?me: mam my father is a retired person and he has pension money .vo: okkaht khat khat khat jani likhlo......VO: collect your passport on 24th june from saimon center . Congratulation me: mam i am getting visa?? ( actually i was confused )vo : i dont know....saimon center will say me: :O ........i got out from room . Then asked some of my friends actually what does it means and what may happen when security check. They told me i have got visa and not to worry . then started smiling .
Russel Kazivisa experience-13.06.2013 2.30 PMat door 8vo:hello sirme : hellovo:why are you going 2 us?me:toldvo:what is your father's occupation?me:toldvo:which was your undergrad school?me:khulna university of engineering & technologyvo: I know about Khulna. realy nice place.vo:so, in which department your father is working?me:toldvo:I am approving your visa. The RED seal is the token. Contact Saimon center on that thanks..
কার্টুন বয়Visa Experience- june 13 at 2.30pmWinow-7 (a male person)VO- HelloMe- hi-your application pleaseআমার পাসপোর্ট আর DS160 confirmation দিলাম। চেক করে কম্পিউটারে কিছু লিখলো। -your i20আমি দিলাম .....সাথে আরেকটা কাগজও (পরে বলছি)। VO কতক্ষন পড়লো।-How will you pay your tuition fee? (i20 তে আমার sponsor ছিলো আমার বাবা, আমি i20 issue করার পর ফান্ড পাই+RA)-I have already got tuition waiver and also graduate research assit. Please check the paper..the last one. (পেপারটা ছিলো আমাকে মেইলে attach করে দেয় GRA এর scan কর offer letter+tuition waive এর কথাও উল্লেখ ছিলো)। VO কিছুক্ষন সেটা পড়ে বললো..-They sent to you in email?-yes-in pdf formate?-yes-is that scan copy?-yesএরপর খাটাস খাটাস কি যেনো লিখা শুরু করলো পিসিতে....আমি ততক্ষণে শিউর যে AP খাইতে যাচ্ছি !!সুদর্শন ভদ্রলোকের লিখা শেষ।-from which university you studied?-Dhaka university.-which subject-Physics.-which year?-2009এরপর যা বলা নাই কওয়া নাই বললো--আপনার নাম কি?-Sheikh Shafayet Jamil Saudiহাসতে হাসতে আবার জিগায়.....why saudi? Is Saudi Arabia your birth place?-আমিও খুশী খুশী বললাম.....না...আমার বার্থ প্লেস ঢাকাতে।-তাহলে এই নাম কেনো? Is that your father's family name?-No, this is my nick name.-আবার হাসতে হাসতে বলে..আপনার নামের ভিতর তিনটা Arabic name আছে। মিডেল-ইস্ট বা আরবে এই নাম বেশী দেয়।-আমি আরো খুশী খুশী তার দিকে চেয়ে থাকলাম...মনে মনে বলতেছি "ভিসা দিবে কিনা বল"..!!!এরপর একটা লালটু সীল মেরে বললো please collect your visa on 18th june from saimon center.কাগজ-পাতি ফেরত দিয়ে দিলো...নিয়ে বের হবার টাইমে হঠাৎ বলে উঠলো... "oh...congratulation"-thanks......উফ... :D বের হয়ে সবার আগে বললাম ,আলহামদুলিল্লাহ...... :)
Protik DasVisa experience, June 06, 2:00 pmAmerican male VOVO: give me your I-20 please.Me: VO: which university are you going?Me: UC RiversideVO: for which course?Me: PhD in Electrical EngineeringVO: do you have a masters degree?Me: no.VO: so are you going for PhD?Me: yes, direct PhD.VO: what was your last degree?Me: Undergrad..VO: from which institution?Me: University of DhakaVO: who is paying for the course?Me: university has provided me fellowship with full funding for 4years.VO: your visa has been approved. your class starts from sept 23, so you cannot enter US befor august 23. collect your visa from saimon overseas at the specified date.Me: thank you.VO: congratulations.  
Atik Rehman AngkanHello everyone, i have faced the US embassy on 20th MAY and it is the most memorable day(also a rainy day was :P) in my whole life as it gives me new era of my was 1pm when i entered the US embassy and gave my fingerprints on room no 2 where it's run by a lady she took my passport, confirmation page and told me to wait outside.....i was too much anxious, worried caz don't know what would may happen with me thn it times to 1.20pm when i called to come room no 4 where sitting a lady * to be noted in the early morning she rejected 5 students and before face to her she rejected a candidate thn the conversation started like..............VO: HIme: GOOD AFTERNOON MAMgive me ur I20 then she started looking I20VO:WHICH UNIVERSITY?ME:MINNESOTA STATE UNIVERSITY get in state scholarship of $8000 what was that?ME: ACTUALLY MAM I DON'T HAVE MUCH IDEA ut MY UNIVERSITY PROVIDE ME THIS SCHOLARSHIPVO: WHAT UR EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND?ME: I COMPLETED MY HSC FROM BNM RIFELS PUBLIC COLLEGE AND MY SCHOOL WAS ST GREGORYVO: HOW MUCH U PAY PER MONTH IN UR SCHOOL?ME: PER MONT 1000 TAKA I HAD TO PAYVO: WHAT UR FATHER DO?ME: HE IS A BUSINESSMANVO: WHAT TYPES OF BUSINESS?ME:.................................................................................................thn she started typing to the computer and look to my passport .my i20 and also my VISA application confirmation pagethn 2 minutes later after completing the typing she told that i approve ur VISA application and took ur passport showing me a paper what he given me to later pointing a website and told that using my confirmation number check this when it is howed issued thn collect ur passport he back to me the confirmation page putting a token number and also said that all the best I TOLD HER THANKS MAM FOR GIVING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO STUDY IN THE USA AND WISH ME FOR MY BETTER STUDIES he put a big smile on her face and said may see u in USA at any times ALL the very besti return that room with a big smile and thanks ALLAH he fulfilled my dream to study in a country like USA
Consigliere Al SabatinoVisa Interview: 3rd June, 2013: 2.00 PM-2.30 PMA Bengali VO (male)VO: Hello.Me: Hello sir, Good afternoon.VO: So, you are going to University of Southern California? It's a great university. (Smiling)Me: Thanks.VO: Why are you going to USA?Me: To pursue my MSc. of Electrical Engineering degree.VO: Give me your confirmation page and passport. (I handed them over to him, he typed something on the computer)VO: Is that your I-20?Me: Yes. (while giving him the I-20)He didn't pick it up (I was surprised), put a red seal on the confirmation page and kept my passport.VO: Please collect your visa on 5th June, 2013.Me: Thanks, sir.Conclusion: VO was a good guy. Hajar hok, Bengali :)
Shuddha Chowdhury (may13, 2013)Faced the US visa interview today and finally came out with a cheering smile.Lucky to got a very friendly,helpful lady.It was almost 3-4 minutes and here is the experience in brief.After giving the finger print in door 3 I was waiting in the 1st row and and suddenly a person told me to enter door 4.VO(Lady)-Please give me all the things quickly.Which Uni you are going?Me:Handed her passport and I-20 and replied Univ of Idaho.VVO:(After looking my I-20)So do you think you will get any scholarship/funding in first year.Me-Yes.VO-Did you have contact with professor?(Started typing in the computer)Me-Yes.One professor took my skype interview and confirmed me funding.VO-Great.So who is your sponsor right now?Me-My parents.VO-What are they doing?Me-Told.VO-Can you tell me about your father's monthly income?Me-Surprised and told her is it okay to tell the yearly income?She said ok and I told.VO-This is not good enough for your 1sy year of study mentioned here.Me-(Thought I was going to be rejected) but instantly told her about parent's 2-3 year's combined income,asset.Also told that Can I show my financial documents?V0-Not Necessary.VO-From which Uni you completed your bachelors?Me-Told.Me-Waiting anxiously for 20-25 secondsVO-(Suddenly)Made a seal in my DS-160 and told me congratulation.Your visa is approved.Welcome to USA :D .Please collect your passport on 3rd June 3 30 pm.Good Day.Me-Thank you Mam :DNB(They didn't see GRE score,IELTS score,transcripts,financial documents) or anything.Lucky to get the visa without any AP.5th June is my birthday and I am thankful to god to get the visa as one of my biggest birthday gift ever.And I am indebted to this amazing group and its members for various helps and supports.Hail to you for your altruistic effort and my very best wishes to upcoming visa aspirants.All hail to altruism and may god bless you all :)
Didarul Islam ManikInterview: July 15, 2013VO: please give your passport, I-20 and the SD-160 formMe: Please.... ...VO: You got Graduate Assistantship?Me: Yeah.....VO: Congratulatons!!Me: ThanksVO: Whats your IELTS score?Me: Answered....VO: (20 seconds later)..... Congratulations!! Please collect your passport from the Saimon Center on July 21.Me: Thank you,,,, Thank you very much.... picked up the sealed DS-160 from.VO: few minutes later.....eeee wait a moment... have you been rejected??Me: Yes (With confident)........ I had some problems in my documents....VO: (he was thinking something).... after few seconds.... are you a journalist of The Financial Express??Me: Yes.......VO: Ok....Thank you.... best of luck.....Me: Thank you.....................(Collected the passport yesterday)
Istiak AhmedAlhamdulillah...... I have faced visa interview today and my visa has been approved. I am really grateful to this group for the experiences shared by friends, seniors and other altruists during the admission process. ..................................................................................................Visa Experience (23rd July, 2:00 PM, Door 7)V.O: How are you?Me: Fine. Good Afternoon. How are you today?V.O: Oh, great. (typing on the computer). Please give me your papers.(giving my DS-160 form and I-20 to V.O.)V.O: Are you applying for student visa?me: Yes.V.O: Did you apply before for us visa?me: No.V.O: Which university are you going to?me: Told.V.O: Have you get Fulbright Scholarship (seeing my I-20)Me: No.(কস কি মমিন) I have just got full funding.V.O.: Good for you. So, you are going to (university name)Me: Yeah.Then he sealed the DS-160 confirmation page and gave it in the window. V.O.: Congratulations. Your visa has been approved. Collect your visa on 27th July from saimon center. Me: I will. Thanks a lot.
Passport, I-20, VISA application confirmation page
Md. Masum Haider Tarek, Sylhet
Interview date: 06.11.13
Time:8.15 scheduled but taken at9.00
Status: approved…
VO: so u r going for student/f1visa?
Me: yes sir,
VO: which university u have passed out?
me: sir, Sylhet international university. we have an American corner there.
VO: Why going to ..................... university?
Me: It was recommended when I wasworking as research assistant and while searching in web I found some goodfeedback.
VO: why don’t u go for fall?
Me: no specific reason. I gotall document prepared now therefore. Is it good to go for fall?
VO: yap, It’s the high time forstudent visa. 
VO: what is your subject? Duration?
Me: Said
VO: how did u choose major?
Me: it is given there inwebsite. One need to choose it from other major.
VO: Calm down. U seems nervous. Don’tbe panic.
Me. Laughing, No problem sir.
Long typing……………………………. (I inducedthe VO to see my certificates meanwhile)….
VO: justice system of Bangladeshis different from Bangladesh, why u want to study this?
Me: but sir, the majorprinciple/philosophies are same. Then I told the subjects that are common in BDand US. I have also mentioned different international NGO is working there toimprove the infrastructure. After completion I want work for them.
VO: who is your sponsor?
Me: my father.
VO: what he does? Where it is?
Me: told. U know the place zindabazar, 
VO; no, 
me: it’s just near to that
VO: what is his monthly income?
Me: told that it depends onseason but usually it is…………….
VO: so ur father is the employeeor partner?
Me: no sir, he is the owner of the shop.
VO: how many employee does hehave?
Me: told
VO: do u have anyone in US?
Me: yes sir, my sister.
VO: how she went there?
Me: DV sir
VO: Can I see ur bank statement?
Me: sure sir.
VO: u put this money today,where is the passbobk?
Me: sir, I asked the bank togive me a statement and they gave this. I m not an expert, u better check this.
VO: what is your date ofadmission?
Me: sir, I can’t remember that, it’smentioned in i20.
VO: so your sister helped u inadmission procedure?
Me: yes sir.
VO: where do u live in Dhaka?
Me: sir I live in sylhet. Today isstrike so I came by train and now staying in a hotel
VO: ok. I am approving u visa……collect ur passport on…………. From saimon center.
Me: so u r keeping my passportsir?
VO:  yes I m keeping that.
Me: thank u sir……
VO: welcome.

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