Real Life Visa Interview 2017

If you have obtained US visa for Spring, Summer, or Fall semesters 2017, please fill up your detailed interview experience here. Your little time will help your fellow Bangladeshi students a great deal. Again, congratulations on your hard-achieved success from the entire HSA family. Also, good luck for your future life. Please follow the format below and fill up all the information.

1. Name: Bibekananda Datta
Intended University: Washington State University, Pullman.
Interview Date: 4 April 2017.
Interview Time: 8:00 AM.
Reached Embassy: 07:25 AM.
Entered Embassy: 07:45 AM.
Fingerprint scanning time: 09:00 AM
Counter No: 06
Physical description of VO (For example, Male/Female, shaved head, beard face, middle aged smiley etc.): Male, may be american in origin with a nice hair-cut and small beard face. Young guy with smiles (although he lacked facial expression sometimes). I am not sure, may be he is the guy who is known as Tom Cruise.
Number of aspirants' visa VO approved/rejected before your interview (For example, 2 H1-Bs, 2 F1s etc.): I didn't count the exact number of approval and denial, I don’t believe that’s important. There were several approval and denial in all three counters. Three out of six counters were used for visa interview on that day.
Interview started: 09:40 AM.
Duration of interview: 1-1:30 Minutes .
Visa Issued date: 5 April 2017.
Interview with VO:
[No greetings]
VO: আপনার পাসপোর্ট দেন। Give me your passport. [No facial expression]
[I passed it].
VO: Give me you I-20.
[I passed this one too].
VO: Why are going to US?
Me: To Pursue MS in Mechanical Engineering.
VO: Great, where are you going?
Me: Washington State University, Pullman.
VO: Good. Oh! You're fully funded. Congratulations! [with smile, by looking at my I-20].
Me: Yes, thanks! [His smile made me comfortable]
[He turned off the microphone and closed the glass. He started talking with another american guy. Probably they were talking something else, not about me. He then typed something on the computer, checked it. Then showed my I-20 to the other guy. All these took 40-50 seconds]
VO: Congratulations, your visa has been approved.
[He kept the passport, passed me the blue leaflet.]
Me: Thank You.
[I left the counter].
Overall experience: The process was smooth. All of the personnel at embassy were giving clear instructions about what to do. Since only three counters were used, all the visa aspirants had to wait a considerable amount of time in each waiting room. Although my visa interview was scheduled at 8:00 AM, I faced VO at 9:40 AM.
Advice for upcoming aspirants: Visa officers are in general very kind, specially to the students with full fund. They won't give you hard times, if all the information in DS-160 seem correct. Bring all necessary documents, though in regular case you won't need anything except passport, appointment letter, and I-20. Don't need to be panicked, and don't believe about counter number myth at all. So far I believe, the visa officer doesn't take the decision alone. He gets the instruction on his/ her computer. And also he/ she does consultation when necessary. If you're self funded student, prepare your documents carefully. Best of luck!
 2. Name: Khan Mohammad Rabbi (F1) & Tafannum Noshin (F2):
Intended University: University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida
Fund: Doctoral Fellowship + Graduate Research Assistantship
Interview Date: 23 April, 2017
Interview Time: 08:00 AM
Reached Embassy (Time): 07:00 AM
Entered Embassy (Time): 08:10 AM
Fingerprint scanning (Time): 09:00 AM
Visa interview start (Time): 10:45 AM
Counter No: 05
Physical description of VO: Middle aged friendly lady
Aspirants' visa VO approved/rejected before your interview: Approved F1/F2 Visa right before our interview.
Duration of interview: 2 Minutes
VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning Ma’m.
VO: Please provide your passports.
Me: Here they are Ma’m.
VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: To pursue my PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
VO: Can I see your I-20?
Me: Here they are Ma’m (I passed both the I-20s). She began to check carefully.
VO: (looking at my wife) how long you have been married for?
My wife: For 1 month.
VO: Congratulations!! (looking at me) What will you do after your PhD?
Me: I will come back to Bangladesh and rejoin the company as Senior Research Engineer.
VO: Okay. What is the company you are currently working in?
Me: Told.
VO: She kept on typing and asked both of us for finger-print again.
*In the meantime, I saw through the window that she took the blue leaflet in her right hand.*
VO: Your visas have been approved. I am keeping your passports. Please collect them within few days.
Me: Thank you so much.
Advice for the applicants: Please have your patience when you are in the queue. If you are fully funded, you must not have any worries at all. For couples: Although I was not asked to show Nikahnama or marriage certificate or photo album, it may not be true for every case. Please bring all the documents according to the checklist.

3. Name: Didarul Alam (F1) & Nabila Bushra (F2)

Intended university: University of Central Florida
Interview Date: 30 April 2017
Interview Time: 7.30 am
Reached Embassy (Time): 6.30 am
Entered Embassy (Time): 7.45 am
Fingerprint scanning time: 8.50 am
Counter No: 08
Physical description of VO: A tall guy with cool hair style.
Number of aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview (For example, 2 H1-Bs, 2 F1s etc.): Accept 2 two tourist visa including a family of 4 members. I felt very confident after seeing that.
Interview started: 9.20 am (around)
Duration of interview: 3-4 minute (May be)
Visa Issued date: 01 May 2017
Interview with VO:
Me: Good Morning!
VO: Give me the Passport.
Me: (Passed the passport)
VO: Give the I-20.
Me: (Again passed it)
VO: (After seeing carefully the I-20) So you are going to the UCF.
Me: Yes
VO: For Doctorate?
Me: Yes
VO: In Physics?
Me: Yes
VO: What was your undergrad University?
Me: University Of Dhaka
VO: In which program.
Me: Physics. Then the VO also smiled. (I thought he become bored talking with me, and started talking with my wife!)
VO: আপনাদের বিয়ে হয়েছে কতদিন?
Me: দুই মাস।
VO: Did you have any nikahnama or marriage certificate?
Me: I passed the Nikahnama and marriage certificate and photo of our wedding.
VO: (Then to my blimey he called my wife “ভাবী”. At first I did not understand what kind of language is this and I was totally standing still, did not know what to do but my wife is cleaver than me. She then took control of the interview)
VO: ভাবী আপনাদের দেখা হয়েছে কোথাই?
(The total conversation was conducted in bangla but for me it is tough to write bangla so I am writing the conversation in english).
Nabila: In 2010 at Dhaka University.
VO: (He continuously smiled all the time) How did your marriage conduct?
Nabila: Love marriage.
VO: Did your family like your husband?
Nabila: Smiled and answer yes.
VO: Great. After seeing the photo of our wedding he asked how many people did attend your wedding?
Nabila: 300
VO: He then asked me what did you do after your graduation.
Me. I have joined in the Bangladesh Army University.
VO: As a researcher?
Me: No as a lecturer.
VO: He nodded then started writing something in the PC. After a while the told my wife to give her finger print, then told me to give my finger print. Then he kept the passport ans passed the blue leaflet. And told have e nice day.
Me. Thank you and have a nice day u too.
Advice for upcoming aspirants: No tension for full funded students. Just prepare your document clearly. Best of luck for the upcoming visa applicant

4.Name: Shamik Roy
Intended university: Purdue University, West Lafayette
Interview Date: 27 April, 2017
Interview Time: 8:00 am
Reached Embassy (Time): 7:00 am
Entered Embassy (Time): 7:30 am
Fingerprint scanning time: 8:30 am
Counter No: 07
Physical description of VO (For example, Male/Female, shaved head, beard face, middle aged smiley etc.): Native American young guy with a very stylish haircut.
Number of aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview (For example, 2 H1-Bs, 2 F1s etc.): Didn’t count. There were lots of rejections and approvals. I saw a bunch of passports (at least 20) beside the VO’s desk during my interview. So, there were roughly 20 approvals before me.
Interview started: 9:40 am
Duration of interview: Not more than 2 minutes
Visa Issued date: 30 April, 2017
Interview with VO:

I was standing in the mini queue in front of the VO’s counter. The VO was looking at his computer screen very attentively and his mouth was far away from the microphone. May be he said “আসুন” multiple times while looking at the computer screen, but the sound could not reach to the microphone. I hesitated a little whether I should step forward or not, but after sometimes when I was sure that the VO is saying nothing but “আসুন”, I stepped forward.

Me: Hello.
VO: (Still looking at the computer screen) Passport…
Me: (Passed my passports)
VO: (Finally looks at me, but for hardly 3 seconds) তো ক্যানো যাচ্ছেন আমেরিকা?
Me: To pursue my PhD in Computer Science.
VO: (Still looking at the computer screen) Your I-20…
Me: (Passed my I-20)
VO: (There was a cover page with my I-20 containing my university name in large font. Seeing that…) Purdue!!! Purdue is a very good school.
Me: Thank you.
VO: Which other universities you applied in?
Me: Princeton, Caltech…. (Was going to tell some other names, but the VO interrupted me.)
VO: (Seemed a little surprised) Did you get admission in Princeton?
Me: (With smile) No.
(After about 10 seconds)
VO: Did you say Computer Science? (Again keeping his mouth miles away from the microphone)
Me: Sorry.
VO: Did you say Computer Science?
Me: Oh… Yes.
(Now VO is typing something. After about 15 seconds…)
VO: Are you married?
Me: No.
VO: (Tells a long sentence again keeping his mouth away from the microphone and completely looking at the computer screen. I could get a few keywords like: “Purdue guys…. get married… after 5/6 years”)
Me: Smiled (Assuming some funny comment about marriage)
VO: (While passing the blue leaflet) Take back your passport after five days. Good bye.
Me: Thank you. Goodbye.
Advice for upcoming aspirants: Students with full funding have nothing to be worried, as they are not asked any critical question. Others with half or no funding should prepare their answers for every possible question. The questions from the previous years’ visa interview docs in this group may come handy.
5. Name: Ahnaf Shahriar Rifat
Interview date: 23 April, 2017
VISA Status: Approved And collected my passport from Saimon Center on 25th April.
University: North Carolina State University, Raleigh.
Course: Master of Civil Engineering (specialization in Construction Engineering) [It’s a MEngg. course(non thesis)] I20 amount= 44k USD
Fund: #Self_Fund
Sponsor: Parents
Bank Statement: 76k USD
Reason for Choosing NCSU: NCSU is one of the best University to study Construction Engineering. Top Construction Companies give internship to NCSU students. It’s ranked 17th in Graduate Schools for Civil Engineering, 25th in Engineering (US News Premium), It’s a powerhouse of research in Construction Engineering.
Interview Time: 7 am
Reached: 6:40 am
Started: about 9 am
VO was a young guy with good hair style. And he rejected two applicants before me. I was be like “ আজকে গেছি :v ”
Me: Good Morning
VO: [Didn’t even give a damn], Pass me your passport.
I was holding my I20 but he didn’t ask for it.
VO: Is that your I20 ?
Me: Yeah. [Passed it] VO: So, when did you graduate ?
Me: 2015
VO: Is this your 2nd Masters ?
Me: No , it’s my 1st Masters.
VO: So what were you doing all this time ?
Me: I worked as a site engineer in “A” company for 1 year.
VO: Okay, what’s your major again?
Me: Civil Engineering
VO: Ok. So, It doesn’t make sense. Why would your parents want to spend their life time savings on your education?
Me: [Told] VO: But suppose there’s an earthquake your house can be destroyed. Lands can be claimed by others. Your parents won’t have any money then.
Me: [Told] VO: How will your parents live if they spend this money on you?
Me: My parents are still doing jobs.
VO: What do they do?
Me: Told
VO: What’s their monthly income.
Me: Told
VO: Do you have Bank Statement?
Me: Yes. [Passed it] VO: [Looking at it casually and turning some pages.] So , this will cover 1st year of your education cost, how will you manage 2nd year ?
Me: No, I am showing 76k USD. It will cover most of my education cost. My father will retire soon and will get retirement benefit of over 1 crore. He will pay from it. [Still typing, but I was thinking he will give me visa.] Me: I was looking for a top University, I wasn’t looking for funding.
VO: Ok, It makes sense. [Kept my passport, gave me the blue leaflet]. You will be called or contacted via email to collect your passport. Have a nice time in US, sir. Me: Thank you very much.
Advice for upcoming students: For Civil পোলাপান, If you want fund don’t go for Construction Engineering. It’s very hard to get fund in Construction Engineering specially in MS but it is good for job. Mainly Indians even with 320+ GRE scores going via self fund in top Universities for Construction Engineering. I have like 24 Indians in my course and all are admitted in MEngg. They give thesis to who they want after one semester or two semester. And MEngg has no fund. My personal advice for people who want go via self funding would be to go for top universities. Be confident. Show genuine and liquid money. Make your parents sponsor if you can. If you need any help regarding any thing like GRE/TOEFL/VISA questions. Feel free to message me.
6. Name: HM Mehrab
Interview date: 02 May, 2017
VISA Status: Rejected
University: Tennessee Technological University
Course: Master of Computer Science
I20 amount= 39k USD
Fund: GRA
Reason for Choosing: Research interest matched.
Interview Time: 8:30 am
Reached: 8:15 am
Started: about 11 am
VO was a African American female.
Me: Good Morning
VO: Pass me your passport.
*A few seconds later*
VO: Pass me your I20.
*Passed it*
VO: Why did you choose this university?
Me: Talked with the professor and discussed research opportunities. Our interests matched, and he offered me assistantship in his lab. So I have chosen this school.
VO: How many times have you applied before?
Me: 4 time. (All B1 and rejected)
VO: So why do you keep applying?
Me: The last time I applied was for attending a competition held in Utah. Other times were for visiting the country.
VO: Is this your 2nd masters?
Me: No.
*She checked the I-20 and typed some info from it in the computer*
VO: Why have you applied so many times? Do you want to immigrate?
Me: No.
VO: Sorry, you are not qualified for this visa.
Advice for upcoming students: Don’t apply for too many B1 visa if you get rejected.

7. Name: Akash Ansari.
Visa Status: Approved.

Intended University: The University of Toledo, Ohio.
Course: MS (Statistics)
Interview Date: 7th May, 2017
Interview Time: 8.30 am
Reached Embassy (Time): 7.30 am
Entered Embassy (Time): 8.00 am
Fingerprint scanning time: 8.20 am (may be)
Counter No: 07
Physical description of VO (For example, Male/Female, shaved head, beard face, middle aged smiley etc.): White Cute American Lady (wearing red dress that day)
Number of aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview (For example, 2 H1-Bs, 2 F1s etc.): Rejected all tourist/Family visas, Accepted One full Fund F1 visa, Reject a partial/self-fund F1 visa.
Interview started: 9.25 am
Duration of interview: 45s-80s
Visa Issued Date: 16th May
Interview with VO:
VO: (Noticed my I20) Give me your I20 and PP….. How are you, Sir?
Me: I’m fine. How are you, Mam?
VO: No reply…..
Me: (Once Again) How are you, Mam?
VO: Ohh! Yeah….I’m fine, Sir.
VO: typing……Full Funded?
Me: Yes, Mam.
VO: Why this University? typing…..
Me: told.
VO: What is your plan after graduation?
Me: told. (She knows better than me what I’m going to say….Traditional Answer)
VO: typing….
VO: Thank You, Sir. Collect your PP after 3-5 days. (Gave me the Blue Leaflet)
Advice for upcoming aspirants: Be Normal, if you are fully funded. You don’t have to be Robert Downy Junior
Time Line for Visa:
7th May: Visa Application Approved.
8th May – 9th May: Administrative Processing (AP).
10th May: AP (BuddhoPurnima)
11th May: AP (Shab-e-barat…..may be closed…..not sure.)
12th May – 13th May: AP (Friday-Saturday)
Sent an email at Friday enquiring about my visa status……Why still AP after APPROVAL?
14th May: Case Updated (means “Last Update Date” changed to 14th May from 7th May……
they attached both my email query and the reply to my file.)
15th May: AP.
16th May: Issued.
17th May: Got the pick-up email.
18th May: PP collected (দেশ স্বাধীন হল………খাতায় লিখে নাও তোমরা)
Everyone has to go through this AP (Default Status). This is just the processing time. In my case, it delayed because of an unknown reason (embassy knows….ask them?) and the holidays.

8. Name: Arindam Biswas.
Visa Status: Approved.

Intended University: University of South Florida,Tampa.
Course: Ph.D.(EE)
Interview Date: 14th May, 2017
By the grace of Almighty Krishna…. Collected my Passport Yesterday……

Fund: Full Tuition Waiver+Health +GRA
Interview Date: 14 May 2017
Interview Time: 07:30 AM
Reached Embassy (Time): 06:40 AM
Entered Embassy (Time): 07:50 AM
Fingerprint scanning (Time): 08:30 AM
Visa interview start (Time): 09:10 AM
Counter No: 07
Physical description of VO: White American Cute Lady(Approval rate very low)
Aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview: Rejected all the tourist visa and student, f1,f2 too as far as I have seen I am the only one till then to get a visa from her.
Duration of interview: less than 3 Minutes
Me: Greetings maam..How you doing?
VO: Good morning… How are you?
Me: I am fine. Thank you.(Already gave passport and I 20)
VO: so u are going for Ph.d.
Me: Yes maam.
VO: Where are you going?
Me: South Florida, Tampa.
VO: Fully funded?
Me: yes mam.
VO: why did you choose this uni?
Me: Based on my research topic.
VO: close the window and looked back and then laughing while talking to someone I was also enjoying her laughing moment and laughed slightly.
VO: What is your intention after doing your phd?
Me: …………………………….join as a professor.
VO: Then VO started to type and after few seconds said
VO: could you please repeat why you choose this university?
ME: yes mam. Based on my research topic, which is DCS. I am going to measure abnormal neural activity by using natural light sources.
VO: You got your visa.
Me: Hebbi smile. Thank you mam thank you so much. You made my day
VO: (tar por je ar ki bolse suni nai Blue leaflet hate nie chole aschi)
Suggestion for Aspirant: Fully funded student no tension. Self-funded student, please take necessary preparation and practice because practice will make you look more comfortable during the interview. Should prepare for unusual question also, like how you are going to compensate for the money that you are spending on your higher education. Overall, everyone should prepare to some extent to be fluent because you are going to be a researcher and your communication skill is not so good is not what they expect. No tension, be persistent.
B.Sc. in EEE from Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology(RUET)
CGPA: 3.50
9. Name: Atik Faysal
Intended university: University of Maine, Orono.
Interview Date: 04 June, 2017
Interview Time: 8.00AM
Reached Embassy (Time): 7.10AM
Entered Embassy (Time): 7.50AM
Fingerprint scanning time: 8.30AM
Counter No: 07
Physical description of VO (For example, Male/Female, shaved head, beard face, middle aged smiley etc.): Female, Young age, No expression
Number of aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview (For example, 2 H1-Bs, 2 F1s etc.): Almost rejected all Visitor visa, no problem with non-immigrant visa, also approved 3 Undergrad students
Interview started: 9.55 AM
Duration of interview: 1-2 Minutes
Visa Issued date: 04 June, 2017
Interview with VO: Pass your Passport & I-20?
ME: did so.
VO: Why this University?
Me:It matches with my research interest.
VO: What is your research interest?
Me: In analytical chemistry especially in the separation chemistry.
VO: Applied any other Universities?
Me: Told
VO: What will you do after doing PhD?
Me: I would like to join as a researcher in Atomic Energy Comission , Bangladesh.
VO: Collect your Passport within 3-5 Days. Your Visa is approved. Have a good day.
Me: Have a good day.
Advice for upcoming aspirants: I did not find any obstacles for the full funded students. Keep faith in Allah. Just read the visa interview conversation, it will help a lot.

10. Name: Nafis Iqbal
Intended university: University of Central Florida
Intended Program: Materials Science and Engineering (PhD)
Funding: GTA (Tuition Waiver+Stipend+Health Insurance) + about 1k of personal fund
Interview Date: June 1, 2017
Interview Time: 7.30 AM
Reached Embassy (Time): 6.45AM
Entered Embassy (Time): 7.20AM
Fingerprint scanning time: 7.50AM
Counter No: 8
Physical description of VO (For example, Male/Female, shaved head, beard face, middle aged smiley etc.): Female, Curly Hair African American Lady
Number of aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview (For example, 2 H1-Bs, 2 F1s etc.): Accepted 1 Fully Funded F1, Rejected one F1, Accepted a couple tourist visa right before me
Interview started: 8.35AM
Duration of interview: About 2mins
Visa Issued date: June 1, 2017
Interview with VO:
Me: Good Morning
VO: Good Morning. Pass me your….(Already Passed the I-20 and Passport)
VO: How did you hear about this University?
Me: Firstly, my undergraduate Assistant Professor did his PhD from this University, that’s how I came to know about the university. And…( VO Interrupted)
VO: So I see you still need to pay an amount of …… (Trying to figure out the amount)
Me: Yes its *** USD
VO: Sorry?
Me: I mean the amount is *** USD. That’s what i have to pay
VO: So who’s gonna pay it?
Me: My Father
VO: What does he do?
Me: Told
VO: (Doing something in the computer, typing and checking something for a long time) Which school did u go to before BUET?
Me: Notre Dame College
VO: ( Again checking the computer) Your visa will be ready in… Wait, May i see your GRE scores please?
Me: Yap, sure. (Passed the gre and toefl scores)
VO: (Just a glimpse on the GRE Score, gave me back the documents and started typing again, also returned the i20) Sir, your visa will be ready in 4-5 days. Do you have a dot name?
Me: Nope
VO: What’s your full name again?
Me: Told
VO: Ok, please collect your passport from Saimon Center (Gave me the Blue Leaflet)
Me: Thank you very much (With a big smile :P)
VO: Have a good day sir (Smiles back)
Passport Delivery: June 6, 2017
Advice for upcoming aspirants: Be confident, try to speak properly. Answers should be to the point , please don’t memorize. I figured that your confidence and attitude matters a lot. Oh and there’s nothing to be nervous about. Just have all your documents ready in case the VO asks for them. Best of luck!!
Profile: B.Sc In Materials and Metallurgical Engineering from BUET
CGPA: 3.70
GRE: 309 (Quant: 161, Verbal: 148, AWA: 4)
TOEFL: 103 (Reading: 25, Listening: 25, Speaking: 24, Writing: 29)
Publications: 2 Conference papers

11. Name: Mehedi Rahman
Visa interview experience.
Visa status: Approved
Intended program: Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences
University: Washington State University
Fund: Full Tuition Fee Waiver + Health insurance + TAship
Interview Date: June 1st, 2017
Interview Time: 9:00 AM
Reached Embassy: 07:00 AM
Entered Embassy: 08:30 AM
Visa interview start (Time): 10:30 AM
Counter No: 07
Description of VO: female white lady
Aspirants’ visa approved/rejected before your interview: Rejected all the tourist visa and partial/self funded student visa.
Duration of interview: less than 3 Minutes
Me: Hello..Good morning
VO: Good morning. Give me your passport and i20.
VO: why are you going to us?
Me: To pursue my Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences.
VO: why did you choose this university?
Me: I want to be a successful researcher in cancer treatment and College of Pharmacy, Washington State university is very well known for its cancer research. Besides, I got connected with Dr. X whose research interest coincides with mine. That’s why I chose this university.
VO: what’s is your future plan?
Me: I want to be a well-known researcher in US and want to make a difference in cancer treatment. After that, I want to come back to my country and form a team/Institute to conduct independent research. And if I get any offer, I also want to join in a university as a professor.
VO: your visa is approved. Collect your passport from the Saimon Center.
Me: Thank you very much ( with great relief).

TIPS for self/Partial funded Student:
1) Prepare your financial documents accordingly
2) Be prepared for any kind of questions.
3) In my opinion, smartness is very important. Good attire, smart interaction with the VO and being proficient in English speaking are absolutely necessary.
4) I have seen a lot of students going there casually and talked with VO as if they are talking with their next-door neighbors. They got rejected instantly. You have to take the interview seriously (not too serious that you are unable to talk because of nervousness)
5) BE CONFIDENT in ALL SITUATIONS. All the best!!!
12. Partha Pratim Sikdar
Visa interview experience:
Visa status: Approved
Intended Program: Ms in Textile and Polymer.
Intended University: University of Georgia,Athens
Funding Status: Full Fund (Full tuition waived+GA+ Air fare)
Interview Date: June 4, 2017
Interview Time: 07:00 AM
Reached Embassy: 06:30 AM
Visa interview started: 08:20 AM
Counter No: 08
Description of VO: White American Lady with another white male American.
Aspirant’s visa approved/rejected before my interview:
Rejected all self-funded/partial-funded student visa.
Duration of interview: #40-50sec (Rapid fire)
Me: Hello. Good Morning Mam.
VO: Give me your passport and I-20 please
Me: Here it is.
VO: You are going for Bachelor/Masters.
Me: Masters (she surprised & smiled)
VO: Ohh!! UGA and You are fully funded!!! that’s excellent.
Me: Yes mam.
VO: What is your plan after completion of your study?
Me: I will return to Bangladesh & join as a research faculty. Besides, I ll work with the industries for the betterment of our…. (vo interrupted)
VO: Ok. Your visa is approved. Collect your passport later.
Me: Thanks. You made my day
Vo: oh! really.(Smiled).
Advice for visa aspirants: Try to speak smartly with smiled face & precisely with confidence. Fully funded students should not be worried. Have fun!!!
13. Avijit Das
VISA Status: Additional Processing (18 June, 2017)—-Approved (21 June, 2017)
Visa Type: F1
Interview Date: 18 June, 2017
Intended University: University of Minnesota- Twin Cities
Program: Doctorate in EEE
Fund: 100% (Fellowship+RAship)
Visa Interview Appointment (Time): 09:30 AM
Fingerprint Scanning (Time): 10.30 AM
Visa Interview Start (Time): 12:00 PM
Description of VO: White American Lady (counter 5)
Aspirants’ visa VO approved/rejected before your interview: She was rejecting most of the cases and providing lesser time compared to others. I didn’t want to face her, but যেখানে বাঘের ভয়, সেখানে রাত্রি হয়
Duration of interview: 5-6 Minutes
Me: Hello.
VO: Hello (with a smile).
VO: Pass me your passport and yes your I-20 please.
Me: Sure
VO: So why Minnesota?
Me: For 3 reasons- UMN-Twin Cities is well reputed for EEE, my research interest matches and most importantly, I got full funding.
The VO seemed a bit dubious for some unknown reason
VO: Have you ever been rejected a US VISA?
Me: Nope
VO: Have you ever appeared at a US VISA interview?
Me: Not at all.
VO: So, this is your first time?
Me: Yes, the first time.
VO: Have you ever been in USA?
Me: Never mam.
She typed something in the computer.
VO: So, will you come back after doctorate?
Me: Yes, I have to as my family lives in here.
VO was smiling and said: I must say, Minnesota will be very cold.
Me: Yes mam, I heard that.
I was smiling the whole time to keep the impression good. She typed for a while and suddenly gave me the while paper written “Additional Processing”. I was quite shocked and got nervous for a while.
VO: Currently I am not approving your VISA, we need some additional checking. Please take this paper and keep waiting for a while. You don’t have to contact or mail us, we will contact you if needed.
I knew I couldn’t contact them for 60 days, so I asked how many days it might take.
VO: I can’t be specific, but you have to wait.
Me: Mam, if it takes a long time, I may miss my flight and I have to inform my school for the delay.
VO: (বাংলায়) আপনি এত চিন্তা করবেন না…আপনার প্রোগ্রাম শুরু হবে অগাস্ট এর যে তারিখ তার আগেই জানতে পারবেন।
I was literally tensed and put a post regarding this matter in HSA, as I didn’t know much about administrative processing. I found well responses from a number of Seniors and Altruists.
Out of my surprise, my VISA was approved and delivered within 3 days of my interview.
Advice for upcoming aspirants:
1. Be Confident.
2. Be honest at each and every detail. Don’t hesitate in any question, otherwise the VO will reject the VISA straight away.
3. If you are given Blue leaflet on the interview day, it is not yet assured that the VISA will be issued immediately. I know many people who got the leaflet on the interview day and then their VISA got struck in “Administrative Processing” for more than a month. So, never be assured unless you see your VISA “ISSUED” in the CHECK STATUS.
4. If you are given “Additional processing” on the interview day, it doesn’t imply that your VISA will be struck for months. AP varies with cases and only GOD knows how much time will be needed. I got my VISA more quickly than someone I know who received Blue leaflet 2 weeks ago. So, keep patience for at least 3 weeks. You may get the VISA quickly if there is no international visit, but obviously there are exceptional cases as well.
5. If you receive “QUESTIONNAIRES” in spite of full funding, you may be struck into Technological Alert List (TAL). Please answer all the questions correctly and submit as soon as possible.
I hope all the aspirants will be benefited from my experience.
M.Sc. and B.Sc. from BUET in EEE
CGPA: 3.92 (M.Sc.), 3.91 (B.Sc.)
GRE: 310 (Quant-164+Verbal-146, AW-3.5)
TOEFL: 98 (R-19, L-28, S-24, W-27)
10 publications.


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