GRE Quant Preparation Guide

Gre quantitative preparation guide

1.       ETS official guide’s Math Review Chapter

2.       ETS official guide (Rest)

3.       ETS GRE Quantitative

4.       Manhattan 5lb

5.       Take help from Manhattan 1-6 book and watch the video lessons from Magoosh Premium Account. And also prepare a notebook for all quant formula.

6.       I used to post in এসো পড়ি GRE একসাথে-টার্গেট Fall 16 (Distance Reading Partnership Project) facebook group, if I got any hard/ very hard/devilish quant problem

7.       Sit for practice mock tests from Magoosh Premium Account every day.

1.       Start Quant Mock tests 6 weeks before the final exam from Kaplan, Princeton or any other online free mock tests (i.e. and solve them thoroughly (take mock tests every other day)

2.       2 weeks before the final exam, start Manhattan paid mock tests + Powerprep II

3.       Revise ETS Official Guide and ETS Quantitative and solve all 3 versions of Powerprep IIquestions in the last week before the exam

4.       Revise the notebook of quant formula a day before the final exam.

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