Common writing mistake

Common writing mistake

Wrong:   He came back in India.

Right:    He came back to India.


Wrong:   I’d like to study in abroad/overseas.

Right:    I’d like to study abroad/overseas.


Wrong:   He drives his bike so fast.

Right:    He rides his bike so fast.


Wrong:   I don’t know to drive a car.

Right:    I don’t know how to drive a car.


Wrong:   They entered into the hall.

Right:    They entered the hall.


Wrong:   I understood her the question.

Right:    I made her understand the question.


Wrong:   He teaches very well, isn’t it?

Right:    He teaches very well, doesn’t he?


Wrong:   You are hiding something, isn’t it?

Right:    You are hiding something, aren’t you?


Wrong:   I would like to make a doctor.

Right:    I would like to be/become a doctor.


Wrong:   We had talked to him yesterday.

Right:    We talked to him yesterday.


Wrong We bought some furnitures.

Right:    We bought some furniture.


Wrong:   I cut my hair yesterday.

Right:    I got my hair cut yesterday.


Wrong:   If I am you, I will never do so.

Right:    If I were you, I would never do so.


Wrong:   I love listening music.

Right:    I love listening to music.


Wrong:   I missed my keys.

Right:    I lost my keys.


Wrong:   Respected Sir, _______

Right:    Dear Sir, ______


Wrong:   What’s the time in your watch?

Right:    What’s the time by your watch?


Wrong:   Many foreign people visit my country.

Right:    Many foreigners visit my country.


Wrong:   Aamir Khan is my favourite hero.

Right:    Aamir Khan is my favourite actor/film star.


Wrong:   My mom is a good cooker.

Right:    My mom is a good cook.


Wrong:   I have visited Niagara Falls last weekend.

Right:    I visited Niagara Falls last weekend.


Wrong:   The woman which works here is from Japan.

Right:    The woman who works here is from Japan.


Wrong:   She’s married with a dentist.

Right:    She’s married to a dentist.


Wrong:   She was boring in the class.

Right:    She was bored in the class.


Wrong:   I must to call him immediately.

Right:    I must call him immediately.


Wrong:   Every students like the teacher.

Right:    Every student likes the teacher.


Wrong:   Although it was raining, but we had the picnic.

Right:    Although it was raining, we had the picnic.


Wrong:   I enjoyed from the movie.

Right:    I enjoyed the movie.


Wrong:   I look forward to meet you.

Right:    I look forward to meeting you.


Wrong:   I like very much ice cream.

Right:    I like ice cream very much.


Wrong:   She can to drive.

Right:    She can drive.


Wrong:   Where I can find a bank?

Right:    Where can I find a bank?


Wrong:   I live in United States.

Right:    I live in the United States.


Wrong:   When I will arrive, I will call you.

Right:    When I arrive, I will call you.


Wrong:   I’ve been here since three months.

Right:    I’ve been here for three months.


Wrong:   My boyfriend has got a new work.

Right:    My boyfriend has got a new job. (or just “has a new job”)


Wrong:   She doesn’t listen me.

Right:    She doesn’t listen to me.


Wrong:   You speak English good.

Right:    You speak English well.


Wrong:   The police is coming.

Right:    The police are coming.


Wrong:   The house isn’t enough big.

Right:    The house isn’t big enough.


Wrong:   You should not to smoke.

Right:    You should not smoke.


Wrong:   Do you like a glass of wine?

Right:    Would you like a glass of wine?


Wrong:   There is seven girls in the class.

Right:    There are seven girls in the class.


Wrong:   I didn’t meet nobody.

Right:    I didn’t meet anybody.


Wrong:   My flight departs in 5:00 am.

Right:    My flight departs at 5:00 am.


Wrong:   I promise I call you next week.

Right:    I promise I’ll call you next week.


Wrong:   Where is post office?

Right:    Where is the post office?


Wrong:   Please explain me how improve my English.

Right:    Please explain to me how to improve my English.


Wrong:   We studied during four hours.

Right:    We studied for four hours.


Wrong:   Is ready my passport?

Right:    Is my passport ready?


Wrong:   You cannot buy all what you like!

Right:    You cannot buy all that you like!


Wrong:   My mother wanted that I be doctor.

Right:    My mother wanted me to be a doctor.


Wrong:   The life is hard!

Right:    Life is hard.


Wrong:   How many childrens you have?

Right:    How many children do you have?


Wrong:   My brother has 10 years.

Right:    My brother is 10 (years old).


Wrong:   I want eat now.

Right:    I want to eat now.


Wrong:   You are very nice, as your mother.

Right:    You are very nice, like your mother.


Wrong:   She said me that she liked you.

Right:    She told me that she liked you.


Wrong:   My husband engineer.

Right:    My husband is an engineer.


Wrong:   I came Australia to study English.

Right:    I came to Australia to study English.


Wrong:   It is more hot now.

Right:    It’s hotter now.


Wrong:   You can give me an information?

Right:    Can you give me some information?


Wrong:   They cooked the dinner themself.

Right:    They cooked the dinner themselves.


Wrong:   Me and Johnny live here.

Right:    Johnny and I live here.


Wrong:   I closed very quietly the door.

Right:    I closed the door very quietly.


Wrong:   You like dance with me?

Right:    Would you like to dance with me?


Wrong:   I go always to school by subway.

Right:    I always go to school by subway.


Wrong:   If I will be in London, I will contact to you.

Right:    If I am in London, I will contact you.


Wrong:   We drive usually to home.

Right:    We usually drive home.


Wrong:   Not unless you gets your act together.

Right:   Not unless you get your act together.      Or           Not unless he gets his act together.


Wrong:   It takes me all day, to drive there.

Right:   It takes me all day to drive there.


Wrong:   So he said, “Don’t be a fool”.    Or           So he said, “don’t be a fool”.

Right:   So he said, “Don’t be a fool.”


Wrong:   I never thought, that he would try such a thing.

Right:   I never thought that he would try such a thing.


Wrong:   He takes his dog which is why I avoid him.

Right:   He takes his dog, which is why I avoid him.


Wrong:   But he did find true love eventually.

Right:   But, he did find true love eventually.


Wrong:   Have you ever been on the internet?

Right:   Have you ever been on the Internet?


Wrong:   Excellent I found his work to be.

Right:   Excellent, I found his work to be.                               Or           I found his work to be excellent.


Wrong:   I just could not except his answer.

Right:   I just could not accept his answer.


Wrong:   Their hair was ruined, and he could not fix it.

Right:   His hair was ruined, and he could not fix it. Others hair were ruined too.


Wrong:   The client may take his new toy home.

Right:   The client may take his or her new toy home.


Wrong:   The hair-stylist turned into a really big hair raiser.

Right:   The hair stylist turned into a really big hair-raiser.


Wrong:   It was a blunder mistake.

Right:   It was a blunder.                Or           It was a big mistake.


Wrong:   I want two Xeroxes of this card.

Right:   I want two photocopies of this card.

Prepared by: Abir Chowdhury



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