Common Questions in Visa Interview

1.Where are you going?

2.What will be your major?

3.From where did you graduate?

4.Have you got full scholarship?

5.Who will be the sponsor for the rest?

6.Did you apply in other universities? Name them

7.What was the condition from other universities?

8.What you will do after your MS/PhD?

9.From where did you graduate?

10.When did you graduate?

11.What did you do since then?

12.How did you manage (about funding) this universities?

13.Why you have chosen only this university?

14.Why USA?

15.What you have to do(RA)?

16.What will be your research work?

17.Have you ever been to “X”?  (X-any country name)

18.Have you convicted any crime?

  1. Why you are trying to do MS/PhD in US rather than here?

20.Why you did not apply for Ph.D?

21.What your father /mother do?

22.Who will pay the fare?


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